Galleries: Plein Air Oil Paintings

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Bournemouth Plein Air paintings Bournemouth Plein Air paintings
This is shows a selection of seascaping en plein air oil paintings, with local views in Bournemouth.

Katwijk an Zee, The Netherlands. Katwijk an Zee, The Netherlands.
Spent a week painting in Katwijk with the wonderful plein air painter Roos Schuring.

Swindon Open Studios Exhibition Swindon Open Studios Exhibition
An exhibition of paintings painted from life in Swindon Old Town Gardens.

Exhibition Richard Jefferies Museum 2017 Exhibition Richard Jefferies Museum 2017
Along with Terry Humphries and Tim Caroll, I have been artist in residence for the 2017 Swindon Festival of Literature.

Paintings Paintings
Some of the oil paintings I have painted so far in 2015.