Publications by Dr Susan M D Carr

Portrait Therapy by Dr Susan M D Carr
Carr, Susan, M. D. (2017 [September 21st]) Portrait Therapy. London & Philadelphia: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Carr, Susan, M, D. & Hancock, Susan. (2017) Healing the inner child through portrait therapy: Illness, identity and childhood trauma.  International Journal of Art Therapy, Vol. 22(1), p8-21.


Carr, Susan, M, D. (2014) Revisioning Self-Identity: The role of portraits, neuroscience and the art therapist’s ‘third hand’.  International Journal of Art Therapy, Vol. 19(2), p54-70.


Carr, Susan, M, D. (2011) Reflecting identities: using portraiture with people suffering from life threatening illnesses. British Medical Journal Supportive Palliative Care, Vol. 1(2) p236.


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