Sculpture: 'Unwearable Clothes Collection"

"Unwelcome Contradiction of Death in Birth"

Created using natural muslin, sewing thread and paper, this 'baby' and 'baby dress' was created as a way to work through the loss of a baby halfway through a pregnancy.  I wrote a poem to accompany this artwork.

"Unwelcome Contradictions"  by Susan M D Carr

Cystic Hydroma,
A fancy name for death …
It trips off the tongue with a leaden lightness
And the sickness spreads,
Crippling and warm
As chill hands twist in painful recognition
Forcing you on your tortuous journey
White coats a ghostly vigil … in suspended animation
Cleaving fast
And yet plucked
Like a smooth brown limpet from a rock
… you slip from the grasp
call to god! And god, for help!
And yet you come …
All brittle bones and waxing skin
Cocktails of drugs replacing nature in clinical fascination
Towards the inevitable death
Crashing cymbals in the mind
As they tear pale flesh … from secret parts
And the clock ticks on …
Midwife in cryptic apology averts her gaze
She cannot breath life into senseless flesh
And takes you away in a steel tray
Like a Christmas turkey
Cold …
As lifeless in birth
As in death
You don’t complain
Numbed in stock
And ice cold stare
At crisp white sheets
Stained a ruddy complexion
On which god
In playful jealousy
Crushed the brittle clay … that was my Adam …

"Iron Dress: Agoraphobia" 

Made using pieces of metal, wire, nails and perspex, this sculpture is a direct result of working through personal experiences of agoraphobia.  I wrote this poem to accompany the piece:

"The Iron Dress: Agoraphobia" 

Agoraphobic mantle descends without warning
An ill fitting garment, paid for with blood
There’s no escape
Iron mask of fear plain to the eye
And yet invisible to the deaf

Becoming in a perverse fashion
Dog like
I rebound off the walls in kennel-stress
Pacing, counting, avoiding the cracks
Time and motion become disjointed, as
Abstract fingers probe the locks hidden deep like old wounds
Trembling on the doorstep
Hampered by nails digging in my palms

Unzip the phone, it’s unhealthy clang a distant echo imprinted on muslin walls,
Stab the doorway with stitches worked in metal lace
I encounter
Knitted boxes piled high with unremembered madness
Knit one, pearl one, they open, despite the orthodontic braces
Set to straighten
Counting stitches deliberately worked or dropped
To keep me in
Or you out? 

Heart beats a velvet retreat in hollow cowardice
Deafening in the fortified woven hollow
Yet defying gravity
On a thread 

Escape beckons within
Retreating deeper and deeper into smaller spaces
Bursting with agitated chaos 
I lay face up
Stranded beetle like on my back
Unbuttoning more of me
Than I remember …

"Used Garment: Between the Aesthetic and the Psychological" (nfs
"Used Garment: Between the Aesthetic and the Psychological" 

Made with newspaper and cardboard, sewn on a traditional sewing machine, this jacket or "Used Garment" looks at the way a person's used jacket or coat can retain a sense or trace of the owner's identity if left hanging on the back of a chair.  

"Dead Man's Shoes: Tribute to Ayrton Senna" (nfs)
"Dead Man's Shoes: Tribute to Ayrton Senna"  

Created using cardboard and paper, I explored the idea of shoes retaining the imprint of the wearer's foot, and also how we talk of 'walking in another's shoes'.  There are also references to the transient nature of life or living, through the use of impermanent materials. 


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